On the cusp of a major Nintendo Switch release via the remake of Link’s Awakening, Nintendo has launched the Nintendo eShop page for Luigi’s Mansion 3. The intent is to allow gamers to pre-download the game before its release on October 31st, as well as inform those who haven’t seen news or videos about it as to what the game is like.

However, as eagle-eyed viewers have noted on the page, the teams at Nintendo and Next Level Games are planning paid DLC for the title.

No details were given in regards to exactly what it is, however, the teams did note that the DLC would focus on the ScareScraper and Scream Park modes.

These are extra modes that give players the ability to do timed objective runs on the floors on the hotel. Or, to go into multiplayer with up to 8 friends and see which team can defeat more ghosts.

No pricing or dates have been given for the DLC.

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