Blazblue: Cross Tag Battle 2.0 Reveals Newest Characters

In the newest reveal, Arc Systems unveiled the next batch of characters for Blazblue : Cross Tag Battle 2.0 update. This time, its the Villains that get the spotlight.

From Blazblue, we have Celica=A=Mercury and antagonist Susano God of Destruction.

From Persona 4 Arena and Ultimax, the Velvet Room attendant Elizabeth  with Thanatos and the antagonist of Persona 4 Tohru Adachi with Magatsu Izanagi.

Last, the Queen anatagonist of Under Night In-birth, Hilda.

These characters along with the previous characters of Yumi, Akatsuki, Blitztank and Neapolitan will be released on November , 2019 as “Version 2.0 Expansion Pack” DLC for 24.99.

Blazblue : Cross Tag Battle is currently available for PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

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