Updated: Blazblue Cross Tag Battle Version 2.0 And New Fates

At this year EVO 2019, Arc System Works is expected unveiled their newest update trailer for Blazblue Cross Tag Battle. Unfortunately, the trailer was leaked and unveiled that 9 new characters will be coming to the game and 2 new fates/series will be making their appearance.

Update: The 2.0 update will be available in two different ways. First is the free 2.0 update which includes gameplay adjustments. Then there’s the Version 2.0 Content Pack that is priced at $24.99 and includes all nine of the playable characters. So far we only know about four of these characters that you read about below. Lastly, this will also come with a new scenario.

The first four characters we see is from the series of Life and Hometown, Senran Kagura: Yumi of Gessen Girls Academy. The next two is from a very niche series. From the Akatsuki Blitzkamp series, we have the title named protagonist and companion tank, Akatsuki and Bliztank. Lastly from RWBY, we have the short, silent assistant Neopolitan.


You already know my love for Yumi. Another Ice Queen to the fold and teaming with the likes of Mitsuru Kirijo and Weiss Schnee, it is going to be cool cross tag battle. Her specials and moves referenced from the game of Senran Kagura: Estival Versus.

I’ll admit, I have no knowledge of the series of Akatsuki Blitzkamp. Judging by the trailer, Akatsuki is able to parry attacks and adds a new style to the pugilist fighters like Akihiko and Makoto Nanaya. And Blitztank… It’s a bloody tank that shoots lasers!  Definitely did not see a character like that coming.

Last is Neopolitan of RWBY, or Neo for short. If you know the show, then you know her game and semblance is about Mirrors, deceit and overall ass-kicking in a variety of flavors.

There’s more to the update than just characters. The video also appears to highlight new gameplay mechanics such as Extra Assault and Cross Bust. Not to mention a reworking of the Cross Combo system,  story mode update, and UI changes. This update is scheduled for release on November 21, 2019.


Arc Systems officially releases trailer at EVO 2019.


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Blazblue Cross Tag Battle is currently available on Nintendo Switch, PS4, and PC.

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