It appears after the widespread success and acclaim of Resident Evil 2Capcom has no desire to rest on its laurels. The company recently sent out emails to those registered in the Resident Evil Ambassador Program. Searching for game tester familiar with the Resident Evil series, it invites recipients to apply to test a new game in development in early September. Word comes from Biohaze, a Resident Evil fansite, which translated the letter to English. Here’s the intro of it:

To all Resident Evil Ambassadors,

Thank you for your patronage regarding the Resident Evil series.

Today, we are letting you know that we are recruiting testers for a game that’s in development!!

We are interested in incorporating the feedback of all Ambassadors into our development, so please read the details below and, if you are interested in participating, click the Entry button.

It’s worth noting that the message does not explicitly say this will be a Resident Evil game. However, it’s highly likely, as the conditions stipulate that playtesters must have familiarity with the series. The only other possibility that fits is that it’s for a new survival horror IP. Either way, it should still pique the interest of Resident Evil fans.

Not located in Japan? Well, if you’re still hoping to get an extra early taste of what could be the next Resident Evil came, you might be in luck. Emphasis on the “might be,” though. According to Gamesradar, members of the US Resident Evil Ambassador Program are also starting to receive the email, for playtests in late September. However, you have means of getting to either New York or Los Angeles. And of course, even if you do receive the email, you still have to apply.

Luckily, I am moving to New York this month. Not so luckily, I am not a Resident Evil Ambassador and will not receive the email. Alas. But if you do, and you get accepted, congrats on being one of the first people to play the next Resident Evil! The rest of us will just have to rely on secondhand information. Will it be Resident Evil 8, or maybe a remake of Resident Evil 3? Whatever it is, we’ll be sure to share what we know if any exciting details about the game arise.

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