The Surge 2 pressday screenshot-01

Focus Home Interactive To Host A Private Beta For The Surge 2

Only 50 players will be selected

While Focus Home Interactive and Deck 13 announced the follow-up to their sci-fi action RPG, The Sequel 2. The title hasn’t been accessible to anyone outside of a select press at a limited number of overseas events. However, it would seem that the publisher and developer are now at the point of development where they want to get some feedback from the fans. Thus they’ve announced a very intimate closed beta for The Surge 2.

And when I say intimate, I mean very intimate. According to the announcement, this is being extended to just 50 people. That’s not a huge amount. It’s also only available to those on the PC. If this sounds like something you’d like to try your luck with then head on over to the sign-up form, here. You’ll need to 18 years of age or older, have a Steam account and your SteamID. Also keep in mind that if you do get selected, you’ll be held to an NDA. So no leaking information, unless you want someone to come looking for you. As for me, hell yes I applied. Besides being a fan of the Dark Souls/Bloodborne titles, I’ve played the heck out of The Surge and all of it’s DLC. I can’t wait to check out the second part of the series, so I’m praying I get selected.

As for The Surge 2, things are a bit different this time around. The game engine has been updated, the game location has shifted to a new area called Jericho. Not to mention an overhauled limb targetting system, advanced dodging, directional parrying, and a tougher AI. Players will also be able to create their own character, something that wasn’t possible in the first game. Sounds like a fun time for all.

Can’t wait!