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When The Surge was released, it was easily one of my most enjoyed games of 2017. I’m a fan of Action RPG games, and I can play these games for hours on end. Some say that I have a problem since I tend to only play these sorts of games. So I was pretty damned excited when I had the chance to speak with Deck 13 during E3 2017 regarding what’s next for The Surge. It was then where they let us break the news that game would see an expansion of sorts. Now 7 months later, that DLC – The Surge: A Walk in the Park has been released. All the stuff you loved from The Surge, and then some.

Game Name: The Surge: A Walk in the Park
Platform(s):  PC (reviewed), PS4, Xbox One
Publisher(s): Focus Home Interactive
Deck 13
Release Date:
December 5th, 2017
$14.99 / The Surge Complete Edition – $49.99
Played on PC with following specs:
Ryzen 5 1600, GTX 1080, Windows 10, 2560×1440@60fps

While one would think that a DLC in an amusement park would be all fun and games, think again. Initially, the theme of A Walk in the Park looks like it will take a turn for a lighter one. It quickly turns dark, perhaps even a bit darker than the original game. Something has turned the amusement park into a living hell. The robotic mascots are running amok. All the visitors have been violently killed, along with the staff. While the search and rescue team that was deployed is missing in action. A lone survivor reaches out to you for help, which ultimately sends you on a journey to help him find his team.

Story-wise, A Walk in the Park actually takes place in the middle of the original game. While this doesn’t seem likely when first playing the DLC, they do drop hints via various audio logs that you can find, which help piece the story together. As such, this DLC is broken into two parts. The first being playable as soon as you reach the second area in the game. While the second part of the DLC opens up once you make it to the research and development area, towards the middle of the game. You also won’t have to worry about missing how to access the DLC, as there will be signs all over the place. If that wasn’t enough, you’ll also be messaged, telling you where to go. For those who are in New Game or beyond, you’ll be able to play through the entirety without leaving the DLC area.

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thesurge a walk in the park screenshot 4 750x422 - The Surge: A Walk In The Park (PC) Review

Graphically, the expansion looks amazing, it’s definitely more detailed compared to the original game. In fact, I’m sure that Deck 13 took the complaints of The Surge looking generic at times, to heart. From the brick ground throughout the park to the locales and more. The amusement park looks like a mix-up of an old 70’s meets the modern world. Old fashioned booths, with holograms in place of actual items. Just like an amusement park, there’s even a Ferris wheel and rollercoaster! There are also new enemies created exclusively for this expansion. All of which fit the theme of the amusement park. While others take a twisted turn as you progress through the story. Though I thought it was sort of funny as I took my weapon in hand and slammed it against the faces of donuts and chocolate-faced opponents. If only fighting calories were this simple.


The majority of new weapons that were introduced in this expansion are just re-skinned weapons from the original game. I was pretty excited when they would drop, only to equip them and see that they performed the same as the existing weapons that I already had. This resulted in me not caring too much about them. Nor putting any time or resources to build them up, which was really disappointing. This also goes the armor drops. Still, it was pretty cool to see that the heads dropped from the amusement park robots and that I could craft them. Outside of that, I noticed that materials needed to level up those new drops just weren’t available here. In order to get those, you’d have to travel outside of the expansion area. In the end, I didn’t bother to use any of the weapons or armor from the DLC, as already had multiple powered up weapons and armors. For those who aren’t in the same position, the reception will likely be different. But for those who have time invested in the original game, there’s nothing compelling you to try out the new drops.

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But what about the implants? Surely there are new implants? Well, yes, there are. And some of them are pretty dang cool. For example, you have the Omni-Audit implant that displays the enemy health and stability. Useful when you’re trying to nuke them down. Or the Drone Power Circuit that doubles your drones attack power, Vital Boss XL that ups your health and more. While I may have been disappointed with the weapon and armor drops, the implants were a whole different story. And I’ve only named a few of them, there’s more to uncover and use during your venture here.

thesurge a walk in the park screenshot 5 750x422 - The Surge: A Walk In The Park (PC) Review

I was a bit dismayed as there are only two bosses available in the DLC. A short mid-boss fight and the final baddie of the expansion. Sure, I understand why this done as the DLC takes place in the middle of the main game. So the boss fights here aren’t the main course. The downside to this is that there isn’t closure either. When you end up beating the final boss of the DLC, all that happens is that you’re sent back to the original storyline. That part made it feel empty as I had beaten the game once and was only back to check out the DLC.  For those who are versed in The Surge or other games like it, you’ll breeze right through this. I clocked in around 2 hours from start to finish. I actually beat the DLC twice now! My first gameplay session was extended as I wanted to search for hidden shortcuts and items I may have missed. Thankfully there are quite a few of those – including a portrait of the protagonist and his girlfriend.

During my time with The Surge: A Walk in the Park, I noticed a fair share of glitches. From sounds not being generated from hits that connect while you’re smacking the enemy around. To certain places on the ground looking like something that I could stand, only to watch my character fall to this death. I even encountered a glitch that let me access an area of the game I shouldn’t have been able to access yet. That said, I’m chalking it up to playing the review code for the game. Hopefully, these won’t be an issue once the retail code is available.

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thesurge a walk in the park screenshot 3 750x422 - The Surge: A Walk In The Park (PC) Review


Admittedly, I enjoyed The Surge: A Walk in the Park. I have been waiting for this expansion to be released ever since E3 2017 and It definitely was worth the wait. It added elements to the story, connected some dots and got me back to playing The Surge (my sleeper hit for 2017). I just wish it was longer! I mean, I beat it in two hours, It simply wasn’t enough (for me at least). That said, if you enjoyed The Surge, then you’ll enjoy The Surge: A Walk in the Park as well. However, it works both ways – there’s nothing here that will change your mind if you weren’t a fan of the original game.

With this finally released, I hope Deck 13 and Focus Home Interactive now set their eyes for a follow-up to The Surge. Not a DLC, but a completely new adventure. Maybe exploring the grim future that follows the conclusion of the first game.

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The Surge: A Walk in the Park is an enjoyable venture off the beaten path. While it takes place during the main storyline, it has just enough plot and substance to be enjoyable. With new weapons and armor to be had, there’s something here for everyone. However, for those who are heavily invested in the game, there might not be enough to warrant the adventure.


  • Multiple new weapons and armor
  • The amusement parks has a completely different vibe
  • New enemies to encounter


  • The expansion is very short
  • No real reason to use the new weapons or armor
  • Very slim on the boss fights

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