Senran Kagura Creator, Kenichiro Takaki, Has Left Marvelous After 13 Years

After 13 years, the Life and Hometown Producer and Creator is moving on.

Announced on Famitsu and on social media, Senran Kagura producer and creator, Kenichiro Takaki, is leaving Marvelous after 13 years of service to a new venture. There will be an article in Famitsu that states more in regards of his departure and course the future of Senran Kagura.

Even after his departure, he will still be credited and the producer of  Senran Kagura series. Below is a glimpse of the article and once translated, we will update it here.

Update: Thanks to ryokutya2089, who translated the Famitsu article, it would seem that some of the speculations on what he left were right on the money. 

The recent changes by Sony which lead to censoring many of the games he’s worked on were part of the reason he left Marvelous.  Mainly the criticization of sexual content, which is excepted in one culture, and ridiculed in another. As we’ve known, he’s been a big supporter of this, so when then censorship of this sort of content started to happen. He thought about what his next plan was and sadly, Marvelous wasn’t part of it.

He’s now gone on to work with Cygames, a company that’s currently working on Granblue Fantasy and Project Awakening. The decision to join this company may have something to do with his love of fantasy-equse games. It’s not known if Takaki is attached to either of these games.

According to Takaki, he is still fully devoted to working on Senran Kagura 7EVEN. However, don’t expect this to be released anytime soon. He’s also involved with a new multimedia project published by Marvelous that involves both a game and anime. This new project will still involve beautiful females, but it won’t be related to the Senran Kagura series and the females will be fully clothed.

Lastly, Takaki will continue to work with existing staff on Senran Kagura, while leaving the adjustments to Marvelous internally and continuing his existence as the “huge boobs producer. Sadly, after his involvement with his current projects, it’s uncertain what the future of the Senran Kagura series will be.

This is definitely shocking, to say the least. If there is one thing that you got to give respect to him, is that he made his games with pure transparency and honesty of his love of boobs and ass.  Sure it may not be your thing, or it just gets you disgusted, but he stood his ground and his series of Senran Kagura has gained his cult following because of his ideology.  It has gained a respectable reputation of the series is a great Hack n’ Slash, Water Gun Shooter, or Cooking game. But if there is anything to remember him, is his famous quote on Twitter:

Thank you for your service, Kenichiro Takaki. Here is hoping that your next venture continues your ideology and philosophy.

Long live Life and Hometown.