While much talk in the Pokemon world might be about the upcoming Switch games Sword and Shield, there are other games out there in the franchise, including a long string of mobile titles. And these titles combined have now officially made $2.5 billion dollars.

Yeah, that’s right, just the mobile games in the franchise have grossed $2.5 billion dollars according to Sensor Tower. Now, I bet you can guess which game is the top dog in that field. Pokemon Go. Which apparently has 98% of all the money spent among the Poke-line. The other games counted in this are Shuffle, Magikarp Jump, Quest, Duel and the TCG game.

What might surprise you though is that America actually beat Japan in terms of money spent. $875 million dollars was spent on these games in America while $725 million was spent in Japan.


Still, it’s an impressive feat for the Pokemon franchise, and with Shield and Sword coming out this year, it’s going to be another big spending year for fans.

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