Apple Unveils Their Upcoming Gaming Service Dubbed Apple Arcade

I wasn’t expecting much and came away impressed

It’s been long rumored that Apple was working on some sort of gaming service, that would span their devices. Now that Apple’s conference has come, we finally got wind of that gaming service. Dubbed “Apple Arcade“, this new gaming venture is still exclusive to the iOS platform. However, Apple is promising quite a bit with Apple Arcade.

First and foremost, unlike Google, Microsoft, Nvidia and a handful of others. Apple Arcade isn’t a streaming service, and will instead focus on delivering great games that will be downloadable via the App Store. Set to be released this Fall 2019, the service will be accessible in over 150 countries. It wasn’t confirmed as of yet if that will be at launch or over the course of time. Access to Apple Arcade will require a subscription but will be totally ad-free. Apple hasn’t announced a pricing structure for Apple Arcade as of yet.


Apple claims that progress will be kept across the devices as well. Meaning you can start a game on your iPhone, pick it up later on an iPad or Apple TV.  Which is great news, as that means this is going to be very accessible. Sounds like Apple really did their homework, as some services don’t even do this. Apple Arcade will also include family sharing, but they didn’t go into specifics. Likely due to this being tied to the pricing (which isn’t known yet).

It will feature over 100 new and exclusive games, that will be playable across the iPad, iPhone, Apple TV, and Mac. You won’t be able to find these games anywhere else other than on the Apple Arcade and as we’re talking about exclusives. You can expect to see some high profile titles that will be locked to this service. So far, Apple has stated that we’ll see titles from SEGA, Konami (A new contra maybe?), Cartoon Network, Annapurna Interactive, Lego, Mistwalker (Yes, that company) and many more. That’s in addition to games that are already available on Apple devices. 

That only thing I didn’t hear about is a controller. I think Apple missed the change to announce or show off a specific controller for Apple Arcade. Or even some sort of Apple TV Gaming Bundle. Though, seeing how this doesn’t launch until Fall 2019, they could have something like this planned. Only just waiting to show it off at a later date.

All in all, this seems impressive. Access to lots of games, family sharing, cross-progression, no streaming mess, and exclusives. We just a price, Apple. 


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