We know that the PlayStation Vita is on its way out but it hasn’t quite found death yet in Japan… until now. It was announced via Japan’s official PlayStation site that shipments are scheduled to end soon for the handheld console. There are two models that are currently in production which are the standard black model and the aqua blue model. 

The PlayStation Vita launched back in 2011 and had struggled since then, mainly due to the highly popular Nintendo 3DS and Sony’s own mismanagement of the handheld system. 

While a definitive stop date hasn’t been announced, it’s safe to assume that if you want a chance at owning of these, your time is effectively running out by the second. If you want to look through history to try and decipher a stop date, it should be noted that the PlayStation 3 was announced to be ending production two months prior to it actually doing so. They announced it in March 2017 and the PS3 ceased production in May. If the same holds true this time around, this means you will have until April to snag a Vita for yourself.

So, for old time’s sake. Go get a life!

Because Vita means Life…

I’ll just leave now.


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