Super Smash Bros Ultimate was Nintendo’s true killer app for the year (with Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee a close second), and though it came at the end of the year, gamers were chomping at the bit to get their hands on it. Finally, in December, everyone rushed to go get their version. But as the days went on, Nintendo was surprisingly quiet as to how well Ultimate was selling. Sprinkles of information came, but nothing definitive. Until now that is.

Japanese Newspaper Nikkei (who keeps track of such things) has revealed that Super Smash Bros Ultimate has sold 5 million units in the world in just the first week of sales. This far outpaces anything done in Smash Bros history as well as Nintendo Switch history. For comparison, by September of 2018, the previous Smash Bros title for the Wii U had only sold 5.35 million units. So in one week, Ultimate basically outsold the Wii U version. Plus, the NPD revealed that Ultimate has sold 3 million in 11 days in the United States, and thus, it’s likely already passed the Wii U version entirely.

At the pace it’s going, it’s likely to be the best-selling Smash Bros game in history, beating the record set by Brawl with over 13 million units sold.

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