Looks Like Bethesda Is Going To Make Those Fallout 76 Canvas Bags After All

Last week, Bethesda found itself in hot water when it was noticed that they played switcheroo with the bags that were included in the Fallout 76 Collectors Edition. The bags that came with the CE were supposed to be created out of canvas. However, those who purchased the item cried foul when they noticed that the bags were made out of nylon instead.

Fallout 76 CE nylon bag

What we actually got instead

Raising the concern to Bethesda’s customer service, the answer was basically tough luck and to deal with it. A much respectable answer was provided directly from Bethesda, one claiming that the original bag that was shown off was a prototype. Since it was a prototype, it was too expensive to make and they eventually scrapped it. Ok, so that bit I could understand. Except, it was also found out that Bethesda sent out canvas bags to certain outlets and influencers. It’s not the same bag. In fact, it looks a bit more expensive and even has leather straps on it.

Imagine how the outrage of those who paid for the Fallout 76 CE, and finding out that people ending up getting what they paid for; for free. Trust me, from what I saw on Twitter and Reddit. It wasn’t pretty. But don’t take my word for it. Read them for yourself here, here and here.

The bag that influencers received, canvas and not the nylon that was sold to consumers.

Then Bethesda decided that to make amends for this, they offered gamers 500 atoms, which is an in-game currency. Except that amounts to $5 dollars and hardly the price of a canvas bag. Adding insult to injury is that you can’t buy much with 500 atoms in Fallout 76.

Now it looks like Bethesda is trying to get out of hot water by doing what they should have done from the start. They’re now offering a replacement canvas bag to anyone who purchased the CE. From now and until Jan. 31, s2019, if you picked up the CE, you can contact Bethesda here and provide your info. Then you’ll be put on a waiting list for the bag you should have received.

In hindsight, this entire situation was handled badly. From the customer service rep reply (who I assume either got reprimanded or fired) to Bethesda not being honest about the bags in the first place. I’m sure that this isn’t being done from the bother of their heart. Instead, I’m sure this is coming down to avoiding a lawsuit. One that could be a bit more pricey than to manufacture a couple thousand bags. I’d like to hope that Bethesda has learned their lesson with this.

Still, I’m happy that the consumers are going to get what they paid for and that’s all that matters in the end.

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