Nintendo gamers from around the world are counting down the days until Super Smash Bros Ultimate arrives on the Switch. The game has been highly anticipated since its official teaser announcement in a Nintendo Direct early in the year. Then, when the official announcement was made at E3 2018, it’s only grown in hype. The new characters, World of Light, Spirits Mode, and more have added to it all, and many are scrambling to get their copy. But if you want to do it on Amazon, your options are more limited.

For you see, gamers started to notice that things weren’t right with Amazon when they noticed that an attempt to get a physical copy would have the page read “Currently Unavailable”.

That’s right, the physical copy of the game is sold out. You can still get a digital version, but that’s it for Amazon.


To put this in a bit of context, this is indeed the first Nintendo Switch game to sell out on Amazon. And that’s saying something, because both Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Super Mario Odyssey, as well as Breath of the Wild, all had incredible pre-order sales on Amazon, but they never sold out.

That goes to show just how much people want Super Smash Bros Ultimate. The game releases on December 7th.

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