We’ve known that the writing was on the wall for Sony’s ill-fated PlayStation Vita. Or as I like to call it, the handheld that could have been king. Sadly due to mismanagement of the mightly handheld, it just couldn’t keep up with Nintendo’s money printing 3DS line-up and after soo many years, Sony wrote it off.

Of course, that didn’t stop multiple developers and publishers from continuing releasing titles for the PS Vita. NIS America just happens to be one of those companies. However, in a recent announcement, they’ve stated that they will be ceasing any more physical releases for PS Vita titles.

Their final physical copies of The Lost Child, Penny Punching Princess and The Longest File Minutes, will be the end of that. All three titles will be released on March 19, 2019, and priced at $29.99.

That doesn’t mean that NIS America will stop releasing games for the PS Vita. They still have plenty of digital releases planned for the system. Which is a godsend as the system still continues to a hit with gamers. With Sony killing off all AAA game development a few years back, the PS Vita is going to need all the games it can get before it’s finally time to put it down for good.


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