More and more, podcasts are getting their time on the small screen as well as the printed page. Hit sci-fi podcast Limetown will be getting both. And not only that, according to The Hollywood Reporter, actress Jessica Biel will star as well as executive produce the project. The 10-episode series will premiere on Facebook Watch, the Facebook video platform. 

The story follow Lia Haddock, a reporter with American Public Radio that is investigating the disappearance of more than 300 people at a neuroscience research facility in Tennessee. As she digs, however, she finds out the strange and terrible truth behind what happens and her own personal connection to it.

The show has been in the works for over a year, so it doesn’t quite cover the gap between the show’s first season and its second. The podcast premiered back in 2015, and until recently had been entirely silent. However, the second season will finally start on October 31st, continuing from where the podcast left off. Simon and Schuster is also coming out with Limetown: The Prequel by by Akers and Bronkie with Cote Smith on November 3rd.

It’ll be interesting to see what a higher budget will look like on Facebook’s platform, as well as what kind of marketing they’ll do for it.  The show is not likely to come out until 2019, or later, but at least fans can catch up with the podcast and book well before then.

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