SOUL-CAL Ring Out, an event solely dedicated to Soul Calibur VI, is just over the horizon. Those with souls that still burn will be given another opportunity to play Soul Calibur VI at the event before its official release. SOUL-CAL Ring Out will take place on August 25th, 2018, in downtown Los Angeles at 939 Studio. Entrance is completely free of charge, but there is an age requirement of 21 years or older. 

SOUL-CAL Ring Out will host the following:

  • Free-play stations featuring Soul Calibur VI that can be found throughout the venue.
  • Live Stream onsite starring special guests.
  • A photo booth with Soul Calibur VI cosplayers.
  •  DJ and live entertainment.
SOUL-CAL Ring Out event.

Hopefully, the freak contortionist Voldo will be available within the playable build.

If you’re considering attending SOUL-CAL Ring Out then you’ll definitely be better off arriving early. There is a limited holding capacity in regards to the venue; first 300 people through the door will also receive an exclusive Soul Calibur VI item!

Soul Calibur VI launches on October 19th, 2018, and is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Registry and further information for the event can be found on Eventbrite.

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