SNK Heroines: New Square Enix Guest Character Reveal Trailer

Straight from Square Enix’s Million Arthur series Thief Arthur appears to steal the hearts of SNK Heroines players. Million Arthur is a series of Japan only mobile card games that have spun off into a fighting game and soon a television anime. 

HiFightTH reports that Arthur will be SNK Heroines first DLC character. 

Thief Arthur SNK Heroines

This character appearing in SNK’s new fighter seems to be part of some kind of deal with Iori Yagami recently being announced as a guest character in Square Enix’s new port of their fighting game Million Arthur: Arcana Blood.

Iori Yagami Million Arthur

Check out the trailer here! If you’re interested in more SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy, check out our breakdown as well! And of course this isn’t the only SNK character guest appearance of the fighting game season. Check out the Terry Bogard announcement for Fighting EX Layer here as well! 

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