Arika released a video covering future plans and updates that are currently in the works for Fighting EX Layer. Its filled to the brim with juicy info and a few DLC character teases. One said DLC character is a certain someone who’s been getting around recently!  Go ahead and take a look: 

Let me break down all the information this video covers for yah. First off, Pullum Purnum and Vulcano Rosso have a release date confirmed between the end of August-September. And if you were unaware, these two DLC characters will be available for free via an update. 

Pullum Purnum available for free sometime soon.

A little spotlight for my new main.

Next up, we’ve got an announcement regarding the arcade version of Fighting EX Layer. At certain arcades located throughout North America, this console port will be playable! Usually, a game is brought over to consoles after an initial arcade release, but the opposite is true here.

Arcade version of Fighting EX Layer to be located at certain arcades.

Please, send a cabinet over to my local arcade.

Here comes the cherry on top… Terry Bogard, the recognizable Fatal Fury badass will be representing SNK in Fighting EX Layer as a future DLC character. Seriously this guy gets around; an inclusion in SNK Heroines Tag Team Frenzy (check out our past coverage), and now starring as a guest character within this title. I suppose more and more people will know what’s coming once they hear “Are you OK? Buster Wolf!”

Terry Bogard announced for Fighting EX Layer.

Terry is too cool to be kept within one fighting game franchise only.

Oh, and it seems two familiar faces will be making their way into Fighting EX Layer as DLC at some point too. The technology wiz, Area, was teased with a multi-image snippet of her projecting a hologram asking “How are you?” While Sharon, the secret intelligence agent was also teased with a sequence of quick-cuts and gunshots. Both of these characters originated from Arika’s Street Fighter EX Series and are looking to make a comeback here in Fighting EX Layer.

Area teased for Fighting EX Layer.

Area toting roller blades and a mechanized arm. What more could you ask for?

Sharon teased for Fighting EX Layer.

Sharon is looking fierce with this new design.

Fighting EX Layer is currently available only on PlayStation 4. 

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