Horror shows seem to be on the rise. Starting with American Horror StoryAsh vs. the Evil Dead, and Black Mirror, more and more networks are getting in on the trend. Now, Showtime is adding a new horror show to their line-up, an adaptation of the horror novel Kill Creek.

Kill Creek by Scott Thomas is about horror author Sam McGarve, who agree to enter a notorious haunted house (the titular Kill Creek) with three of his contemporaries on Halloween in order to do a live publicity event. To no one’s surprise, things go very wrong, and very quickly. McGarve must find a way to survive the night or end up just another ghost story.

Misha Green, of Underground fame, will be executive producing with Scott Derrickson, known for directing Doctor Strange. Thomas will be writing the screenplay, and Derrickson will be directing the show. The show will be an hour-long drama, though considering it is only based on one book, there will likely only be one season.

Green is no stranger to adapting horror fiction to horror TV — she is working with Jordan Peele on his adaptation of Lovecraft Country for HBO. Derrickson also has experience with directing horror, as he helmed both The Exorcism of Emily Rose and Sinister, both of which are pretty good horror movies with solid scares and great atmosphere. Thus, it feels like the story is in good hands, and hopefully will be able to bring some chills and thrills once it does finally start rolling.

No word yet as to when Kill Creek will premiere on Showtime.

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