Platinum End Vol. 6 Review

Title: Platinum End Vol. 6
Author: Tsugumi Ohba (Story), Takeshi Obata (Art)
Publisher: Viz Media
Language: English
Format: Paperback
Pages: 200
Genre: Thriller
Publication Date: August 7, 2018

The Story

We open volume six of Platinum End with Mirai and Mukado still trapped inside of the house of mirrors along with Mukado’s family. They get the idea to fly at supersonic speed for hours on end. When they stop, they become completely silent after shouting out that they may have found a way to escape. Metropoliman doesn’t fall for the trick and retires to rest while keeping Hajime in charge of watching over the mirror house.

Meanwhile, Saki decides that she’s not going to wait for Revel to complete his training and wants to join the fight. At that moment, Revel begins to cry and God notes that it is the first time an angel has cried for a human. Because of this, God deems him worthy of promotion and grants him the new title of Revel, Angel of Emotion. Because of this promotion, he’s able to give Saki her wings. With those wings, she heads to the scene and stays hidden out of Metropoliman’s cameras. She takes aim and hits Hajime with a Red Arrow, putting him under her control. She orders him to release Mirai and the others.

Noticing that Hajime was hit with a Red Arrow, Metropoliman goes with Plan B and summons three people who he had previously hit with Red Arrows to come to his aid. Once Mukaido’s family was sent to a safe distance, it became a four-on-four battle. The most threatening foe was a biochemist who created the world’s deadliest virus. She attached a trigger to a biological bomb and one to her heart where if she died, the virus would release. He has a new virus which can melt humans to absolutely nothing and orders Mirai to be her first test subject. The outcome of that ends our volume leaving us with quite the cliffhanger for volume seven!

This volume had a great balance between story, character development, and action! The story itself didn’t seem to move all that much but you still felt a sense of progression. The question of what will happen next volume is a strong one given the outcome we received at the end of this volume. Needless to say, it’ll be do or die time for one of our characters and it makes me wonder if we’ll see the conclusion to the series’ first major story arc or if it’s going to be another ending with a continuation in mind.


The biggest development this volume came with Saki and Revel. Revel’s promotion to first rank seemed to come out of nowhere and felt like a plot device than something akin to natural progression. Still, it was kind of necessary as we all expected it to happen so that the upcoming battle could be started in a fair way. Nice to see that even with his new title, Revel still hadn’t lost his previous ability of logical deductions. Combining this with his new ability to sense the emotions of humans makes him a very formidable ally and foe!

Saki growing the courage to fight, even with the odds against her shows another step in her character progression. She’s come out of her shell and is more willing and daring to step into harm’s way for the ones she cares about. This is a nice quality for her character and makes her stand out just a bit more! She was rather average up until the last couple of volumes and now she’s becoming one of my favorites!

Hajime’s revelation after getting hit with the red arrow was pretty comedic. I know it was supposed to be a serious moment but given this character’s personality, it just came off that way. Even the angels remarked just how easily he succumbs to red arrows, indirectly insulting him as a type of simpleton!

Final Thoughts

Another great volume of Platinum End. Although some of the plot points felt like they happened for the sake of happening, I did enjoy the ending to the volume as I didn’t even think of that as a possibility. Still, the characters progressed nicely and the battle we received was filled with plenty of action and drama. The action scenes were a bit messy as the over-usage of blacks made pages look like a mess to where you really had to strain to see what was going on. Aside from that, Takeshi Obata and Tsugumi Ohba deliver another great volume!

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