‘Radiant One’ Is An Indie Adventure Told In Lucid Dreams

A trailer as bizarre as the dreams you have after you eat too much chocolate before bed- That’s what our first look at Radiant One has brought us. Coming from indie developer Fntastic, the trailer introduces us to the main character Daniel as he attempts to lucid dream. The man has clearly been attempting the feat for days now as he declares “… today, I think I’ll manage it,” before falling into a slumber on the couch.

What follows is a series of images and scenes straight from an LSD simulator. Soaring among the clouds, floating in the void with whales, navigating labyrinthine hallways all bundled up into an experience about a minute long. I have several burning questions.

This want for control over his dreams apparently stems from Daniel’s boredom with everyday life. In an attempt to break away from his mundane reality the man finds comfort in experiencing fantastical visions while he rests. I can’t necessarily say I blame him, although the supposed terrors that await him on his lucid journey are not to be envied. Players must help Daniel on his quest to overcome the universe’s trials and tribulations to reach enlightenment. This unique title sounds like an absolutely wild ride with plenty of twists and turns to navigate, all while bouncing across different dreamscapes.

radiant one

Announced by the Fntastic just a month before its release, Radiant One has received a store page on Steam and can officially be added to your wish list. The small studio clearly has a lot of talent behind their upcoming game, and they absolutely deserve any indie fan’s attention.

radiant one

Radiant One floats into our collective consciousness July 25th on Steam, Xbox One, Apple TV, iPhone, and iPad. You can show love to Fntastic on Twitter and check out the game’s Steam page for more details on the mind-bending indie adventure.

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