The world we live in is based on results in many aspects of culture. This definitely goes to the world of video games as well. For if you promote a game well, build it up, tease out what makes it special, and have some great trailers and hooks, you have a great chance of selling numerous copies of the game. But then, sometimes, you can do all that, and still expect the game to not sell as well, and then you’re stunned when it starts selling well. Such is the case with Octopath Traveler from Square Enix.

As we reported earlier, Octopath Traveler has been selling well all around the world, but in Japan, the game sold out within a day of release. Prompting Square Enix to apologize about the shortages and promising to fix it. Well, not even a week later, they brought more copies of the game to stores in Japan, and guess what? They sold out again! So, they made ANOTHER tweet apologizing for the shortages.

I am sorry that the situation of shortage continues. We will continue to ship carefully so that we can deliver a sufficient number, but we are expecting that the number of shipping recently will be considerably fewer. I am sorry to have kept you waiting. We hope that you will be able to consider the download version if you do not mind.”

Well, hopefully this will teach Square Enix to go for broke and to send bunches of copies all over Japan, and maybe all over the world, because the game is doing well!

If you want our thoughts on Octopath Traveler, you can check out the latest episode of the Nintendo Entertainment Podcast, where we give our “week one” impressions. And stay tuned for our review, which is set for later this week.

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