LDH USA has announced that m-flo, PKCZ, and Yasutaka Nakata will make their U.S. debuts at this year’s Anime Expo event in Los Angeles, California! The will be making their U.S. performance debuts in the Microsoft Theater as part of the OTAQUEST LIVE event. The OTAQUEST LIVE event is powered by LDH USA and is a music festival featuring Japan’s biggest stars. This jam-packed event will unite dance music & J-Pop lovers in celebration. 


m-flo is an R&B group rapper VERBAL, main vocalist LISA, and DJ Taku. m-flo recently have returned from a hiatus. m-flo is best known for performing the second opening theme to 2003’s Astro Boy: Tetsuwan Atom as well as 2013’s Taka no Tsume GO: Utsukushiki Elleair Shoushuu Plus.

Follow the members of m-flo on social media at the following:

Taku Takahashi: http://www.instagram.com/takudj
VERBAL: http://www.instagram.com/verbal_ambush
LISA: http://www.instagram.com/real_lisa_gn


PKCZ is a powerhouse DJ group comprised of members DJ Makidai, VERBAL, and DJ Daruma. The trio is fronted by EXILE’s HIRO who also serves as their producer. PKCZ combines “real inspiration and visceral cool emotion” across various creative platforms to create new value.

You can follow the trio on social media at the following links:

DJ MAKIDAI: http://www.instagram.com/exile_makidai_pkcz
VERBAL: http://www.instagram.com/verbal_ambush
DJ DARUMA: http://www.instagram.com/djdaruma/

Yasutaka Nakata

Yasutaka Nakata is the producer of the popular Kyary Pamyu Pamyu (KPP) and is also a solo pop artist. He also performs with Perfume; a trio that has been credited with popularizing techno music in Japan. Yasutaka Nakata has been a long-standing figurehead in the Japanese electronic music landscape, with an immeasurable sound palette that ranges from authentic dance music to “kawaii” sounds. 

You can check out Yasutaka Nakata’s Official Website, Twitter, Soundcloud, and YouTube channel at the following respective links:


OTAQUEST LIVE is scheduled to take place on July 5 from 4-10 pm PDT. The event will feature multiple acts in addition to m-flo, PKCZ, and Yasutaka Nakata. Each act will last roughly 45 minutes, bringing you plenty of Japanese pop music and culture to fans in attendance! The complete schedule is featured in this convenient graphic:

For additional information and tickets, please visit:

For additional information on LDH USA, please visit: https://www.ldh.co.jp/eng/usa/

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