E3 2018: New Death Stranding Trailer Reveals Lots & Nothing At The Same Time

The new Death Stranding trailer picks right back up where it left off with Norman Reedus’s foetus, but I still have so many questions.

This new trailer for Death Stranding shows off some truly beautiful environments, is set to a melancholy indie song, and yes, Norman Reedus gets naked. Take a look for yourself with the trailer below.

We have learned one new piece of information in this one: Reedus plays a deliveryman of some sort, and we’re watching him cart packages across the map, until he is suddenly interrupted by some kind of invisible creature that’s stalking him. Frankly, I thought this is going to be renamed “Norman Reedus Walking Simulator 2018” for all the walking around we see in the trailer… Then of course we get that classic Kojima fuckery and the whole trailer goes into “What the fuck!?”-town

We’re also introduced to a new character played by Lea Sydoux, who has a truly incredible jacket. And also an invisible thing that stalks people in caves.

Could some of this be gameplay? Sure, maybe. Are we any closer to knowing what this game is about? No. Am I still fascinated by the performance art that Hideo Kojima makes people watch every year? Yes. Do I think that Kojima is trolling the living shit out of all of us? Yes. Will I buy whatever crack this thing was made with? Hell Yeah.

I’ll give Kojima and Reedus this, for a game we know NOTHING about, I want it, I want it now!

Death Stranding is going to be available on Playstation 4 sometime… Whenever Kojima gets off the shrooms and gives us the game. For more about Death Stranding and other games announced during E3 2018, keep your browser refreshed on The Outerhaven E3 Hub as we bring you all the news, notes and more from the event.

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