The SOUL CALIBUR VI character roster has been getting revealed (or leaked) for the last few months leading up the game’s release later in 2018. We’ve seen characters like Taki, Sophitia, Mitsurugi, newcomer Grøh, Ivy, Zasalamel, Siegfried and even a guest character in Geralt from The Witcher added to the line up. This time around we see the return of another Soul Calibur regular to the upcoming game: Yoshimitsu. You can see the reveal trailer for the newest addition to the SOUL CALIBUR VI roster below.

For those unfamiliar with Yoshimitsu, he is that weird looking Ninja/Samurai from the SOUL CALIBUR and TEKKEN fighting game series, and yes the two are linked. The character has appeared in just about every iteration of the SOUL CALIBUR and TEKKEN franchises since the beginning of both. He is the only character to wield a Samurai Sword in the TEKKEN series, and of course being a weird robotic ninja in SOUL CALIBUR.

Story wise, Yoshimitsu is the leader of the Manji Ninja Clan (or at least in title). During the Nobunaga Era, Yoshimitsu seeked the power of the Soul Edge for revenge after his village was burned to the ground at the hands of Lord Nobunaga. Upon finding the blade, Yoshimitsu realizes that the Soul Edge would corrupt him and he would be no better than Nobunaga or Nightmare, thus he abandoned the quest for the sword. Over the years, Yoshimitsu was able to rebuild the Manji Ninja Clan into a powerful Clan of ninjas with a mission to bring justice to the oppressed and downtrodden. The name of Yoshimutsu is passed down to the new leader of the Clan once the old leader has passed on, leading to rumors that Yoshimitsu is immortal.

In the TEKKEN series, the Manji Clan survives as does the name of the leader. Yoshimitsu enters the first King of the Iron Fist Tournament as a distraction in order for the Manji Clan to steal the tournament funds to distribute to the poor. Yoshimitsu’s story from TEKKEN 2 onwards involves saving Dr. Bosconovitch, having a feud with Bryan Fury, taking out former Manji Clan member Kunimitsu, testing a new sword since the one that has been used since SOUL CALIBUR is cursed and was driving it’s users insane, and to obtain money to directly fund the expansion of the Manji Clan.

Though Yoshimitsu has had a lot of looks throughout both the SOUL CALIBUR and TEKKEN series of games, this newest look is more along the tradition of Japanese Samurai battle gear, though the ability to pull someone’s soul directly from their body , slice it into pieces and absorb it is something new and different for the character. Yoshimitsu is one of the few characters in both series who has been allowed to have a move that not only restores Yoshimitsu’s health, but another move that can kill Yoshimitsu himself in one shot (and his opponent if the move is done close enough).

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