After over 10 years since his show ended on Adult Swim, Harvey Birdman will return for one night only. According to PolygonHarvey Birdman, Attorney at Law will see a half-hour special this fall. This time, Mr. Birdman will receive a promotion, and with it comes a new title for the show: Harvey Birdman, Attorney General. 

Evidently Harvey Birdman is in for a promotion. In the new special, Phil Ken Sebben, voiced by Stephen Colbert, goes from serving as the President of his law firm to becoming President of the United States. As the 46th, sorry, 46.5th president, he appoints Harvey as his Attorney General. The twist? It’s up to Harvey to get the deranged president out of office. 

Adult Swim has yet to provide a specific release date. However, the studio has confirmed that most of the original voice cast will return. In addition to Gary Cole as Harvey Birdman and Stephen Colbert as Sebben, Phil LaMarr, Paget Brewster, and Peter MacNicol will also reprise their roles as Black Vulcan, Birdgirl, and X the Eliminator, respectively. 


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