Long live King T’Challa. To the surprise of no one, Black Panther 2 will indeed happen. While not officially confirmed, during an interview with Entertainment Weekly, President of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige confidently said it is foreseeable in the future.

In response to whether there will be plans for a sequel to the critically acclaimed Black Panther, Feige said, “we absolutely will do that.” He went on to discuss how plans for a part two were always talked about during production of the first movie and that they have some ideas heading into the next installment. Feige particularly showed interest in delving into T’Challa’s ancestor’s as one possibility, feeling that many of them were shown but not given much of a backstory.  Other than that, there is no information as to what the plot of Black Panther 2 would be.   

At this point, it would be highly unreasonable if the film didn’t receive a sequel, considering its massive success. Black Panther is receiving near universal praise from critics and is annihilating the box office. It just reached over $1 billion worldwide, $605 million domestically, and has topped the box office for its 5th straight week. Another instalment is most certainly inevitable.

Black Panther is a fantastic addition to the MCU. It was an exhilarating experience to watch in theaters, thanks to its incredible cast, music, and themes. I’m sure the cast will return for the sequel, and hopefully Ryan Coogler will helm directing duties again. Hopefully we’ll have an official announcement for the next Chapter in T’Challa’s saga soon.

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