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The Overwatch League (OWL) has just wrapped up the first stage of it’s inaugural season.  There have been winners and losers, sold out days and watch parties, upsets and well deserved victories.  As the next stage is about to get underway many are prepared to call the OWL a success.  Certainly the viewership speaks for itself.  Add to that the sales of team merchandise both in and out of game.  Everything is looking up for the MOBA-style shooter.  

That said there have been some speed bumps.  Before the league had even begun there were suspensions.  Before long fines and suspensions began to pile up.  Even the winners of Stage One, the London Spitfire, had a player get fined for conduct while on camera.  So with all of this in mind, it’s really good that the OWL has released a summary of the official rules. 

The summary that the article links to is an official looking, seven page affair titled ; Rules of Competition Summary 2018 Season.  It follows the structure similar to a rule set at any esports tournament.  The document briefly outlines parts of the OWL such as structure, equipment, officiating, player eligibility, game settings, performance bonuses, and substitution rules.  Some of these are things fans had suspected, but now have solid answers for.  

The article on the league site also discusses the code of conduct of the players.  This is in the form of bulleted points rather than in the official summary.  Here the wording is cause for some speculation.  One of the points lists that team members and owners: “not engage in any activity or practice which brings him or her into public disrepute or scandal.”  Users on the competitive Overwatch section of Reddit, r/Competitiveoverwatch  were quick to ask what exactly would be defined as ‘scandal’.  

Most telling though is that this is only the summary.  For all of the official style and structure of the linked document it clearly says summary.  It’s rather strange that the OWL would release this but not the full version of the rules.  Possibly there are certain details regarding the broadcast or production that are sensitive.  Possibly there will be more details in the future.  

The summary is available from a post on the Leagues official website.  Getting some concrete answers to the inner workings of the OWL is something fans have been interested in for a long time.  As the second stage of the inaugural season gets underway, spectators will now have a better idea of the format, rules, regulations, and style of the Overwatch League.  

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