Player Suspension and Preseason Troubles Make for a Bad mix

The newest team from the city of brotherly love has had nothing but bad luck.  The Philadelphia Fusion, Philadelphia’s Overwatch League (OWL) team, have been the center of two pieces of drama recently.  First last week’s announcement that one of their players had been suspended and now yesterdays tweets confirming that they will not participate in the preseason this Wednesday.  The new team is off to a rocky start. 

Player Suspended

The Fusion player Su-Min “Sado” Kim received the first suspension in the Overwatch League last week.  The suspension came following reports that Sado had been involved in account boosting activities.  “Boosting” is the process where the owner of an account pays another person to play on their account to ‘boost’ or raise their level.  The announcement on the Overwatch League page stated that “Participating in “account-boosting” schemes, wherein an individual is paid to increase another user’s Skill Rating, is contrary to these values, and violates the Blizzard End User License Agreement.”  The Fusion said in a statement that “We stand by Sado, have learned that he persevered through tough circumstances, and do not believe that his character is defined by these past mistakes. ”  Sado will be suspended for all of the preseason and the first 30 games of the regular season.

Fusion to Miss Preseason  

To compound the Fusion’s troubles they will no be participating in the preseason at all.  On the team’s official twitter yesterday the team said, “Due to player logistics issues the Fusion will be absent from OWL preseason matches.”.  The Fusion went on to apologize to their fans for their absence from the preseason play.  The San Francisco Shock will take the Fusion’s place in their preseason match against the Florida Mayhem.

Overwatch League will began with preseason play on Wednesday December 6 and regular play on January 10th.  For a complete rundown of the teams look here.  The preseason may be just about to start, but the regular season is still over a month out.  There’s plenty of time for more drama to arise.  

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