The First ‘VENOM’ Movie Teaser Trailer Is Out

We are Venom!

Here we go folks. The first teaser for the upcoming Marvel Venom movie is out.

Starring Tom Hardy, this is a new take on a classic Spider-Man villain and sometimes anti-hero. A movie that Spider-Man fans have been asking and waiting for. Now, we’re finally getting it!

Check out the trailer below:

Yet, being a huge Spider-Man fan, I found this trailer to be a bit…underwhelming. From the opening of the trailer, where we find Eddie Brock laying in a hospital, to riding a motorcycle while weaving through traffic. And what about all this tragedy? What’s this about some accident? One thing is very clear, something was off here. Oh yeah, there’s zero sign of Venom and I don’t remember any of this stuff happening to Eddie.

This really makes my spider sense go off. We’re supposed to see an origin story and it seems like what we’re getting is a completely different origin from what we’re used to. What happened to this rival with Peter Parker? How exactly can you become Venom without any interaction with him/Spider-Man?

I remember director Ruben Fleischer stating that the movie is going to be faithful to the comics. More specifically, the Lethal Protector arc, that saw Venom turn over a new leaf. Well, so far this teaser hasn’t shown me anything. In fact, this is a prime example of how to not do a teaser of an anticipated teaser. So here’s to hoping that the next trailer shows us something worth looking forward to. 


VENOM is slated to be released October 2018. 

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