It’s been a big year for mobile games, as several major titles have come out in the last 365 days that have greatly pleased fans, including some surprise hits. But, in Japan, there was a Google Play awards, and Fire Emblem Heroes was chosen by Google as the winner. This is surprising when you find out that it didn’t make the Top 5 in the user voted portion of it.

Still, this is a great honor, and the game definitely deserves praise, the title came out in February, and has already grossed $240 million dollars, which just goes to show how much people wanted to buy Orbs and other things in the title. Plus, the game just underwent a major story expansion, which seems to indicate that the content will be rolling out for some time.

We here at the Outerhaven really love Fire Emblem Heroes, and we can’t help but rave about it on the Nintendo Entertainment Podcast! 


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