Fire Emblem Heroes came out in February as Nintendo’s second pure title on mobile phones (Pokemon GO wasn’t made by Nintendo). After the backlash over Super Mario Run, many wondered if this game would be more of the same. Turns out, it was a full-on Fire Emblem title, just phone sized. Since then, the game has gone on to break all expectations and make a lot of money.

For as Sensory Tower notes, Fire Emblem Heroes has grossed an incredible $240 million dollars since its launch in February. What that boils down to is about $20 per download. Which means that about 12 million plus players have downloaded the title.

We here at the Outerhaven absolutely love the title, as it’s brought the history of Fire Emblem into one place for all to enjoy. What’s more, it’s a game that’s constantly growing through new banners, events, and story chapters. In fact, Book II of the main story has just released, bringing new characters to get and enemies to fight as the story builds up upon what was laid down in the first 10 months. If you want to hear our impressions of it, check out the latest episode of the Nintendo Entertainment Podcast.

And we have no doubt that the game will continue to grow as time goes on. The only question is, how big can it get?

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    Dan with the Yellow Pants

    To say Fire Emblem Heroes is a pure Nintendo title is a little misleading. It’s developed largely by Intelligent Systems Inc. isn’t it? Thats like calling Pokemon pure Nintendo. Not really wrong, but you should give the smaller developers behind Nintendo the credit they deserve.

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      Arnau Puig

      IntSys is a Nintendo first party, they make Metroid and Paper Mario too. GameFreak is a second party. IS deserves recognition but it’s pure Nintendo, not small developers