TOKYO GHOUL Volume 13 Review

Title: Tokyo Ghoul Volume 13
Author: Sui Ishida
Publisher: Viz Media
Language: English
Format: Paperback
Page count: 216
Genre: Horror, Shonen
Publication Date:
June 20 2016

Investigators launch an initiative to take out the One-Eyed Owl, who has possible connections to Akira and Yoshimura. The 20th Ward, which was once a safe haven for Ghouls who had hoped to live among humans is now a war zone. Finally, Anteiku is target of an all-out assault in an effort to destroy the Owl who is supposedly hiding in the cafe’. Can Kaneki follow orders and stay away from the cafe’?


This volume is filled with intense battles. If you didn’t think Tokyo Ghoul had a enough violence, this installment kicks it up a notch. Komo and Kaya, who weren’t always kind Ghouls, set out on the front lines to push back the Ghoul investigators while the Owl takes on the more skilled humans from the batch. Unlike previous volumes where the fights easily leaned in favor of the Ghouls,  the outcome in this volume appears to be more grim. The CCG sent out their most skilled. Although their causalities are high, they are successfully dominating the Ghouls and shrinking their numbers. Their strategy to focus on the most dangerous Ghouls seems to be a good one as they manage to take out the Black Dober.

Kaneki, who is on the sidelines and unable to return home because of the evacuation of the 20th Ward debates if he can live life knowing he didn’t make sacrifices to protect Anteiku and those who looked out for him. He is so much stronger now that it really would be a shame if he simply sat back and let Komo and Kaya do all of the work. When they finally fall to the CCG, Kaneki coincidentally makes up his mind. The Gourmet severely disagrees with this and tries to stop Kaneki, but then he makes it apparent that he only wants Kaneki for himself… to eat!

Kaneki jumps into the mayhem and deals a large amount of damage to the CCG and finds Kaya, who suggests he keep away from the main battle involving the Owl. Kaneki can’t resist and heads into the mayhem.

Final Word:

The moments before the raid on Anteiku were well laid out. I could really feel the tension while the remaining Ghouls waited for the CCG. Although the majority of this volume consisted of fight scenes and gore, we also had moments of contemplation and uncertainty. It is very clear that this major battle is also a war between morality and amorality in more ways than one. Anteiku was a place where Ghouls and humans coexisted and even worked together. It is noted that the CCG will never know which employees were Ghouls or human which means it’s entirely possible for them to live together. Yoshimura’s past is also solid proof that they can exist together and even procreate.

There are moments of reflection that show the human side of Ghouls more than ever – Yoshimura is sorry he couldn’t have a different past. Touka realizes she’s had a lucky opportunity by going to school and making friends. She’s learned to assimilate and appreciate what humans can offer in terms of companionship. Kaneki, on the other hand, realizes he is driven by his need to pay back those who helped him. Good Guy Kaneki doesn’t think his life is worth sitting on the sidelines while those he grew to love face a certain death.

I’m driven to this series because I love moments like those I mentioned. I could easily live without the endless fighting scenes although they do add a lot to the series. I most enjoy the internal battles that all of the characters face – both human and Ghoul alike. There’s so much going on that tips the moral compass in different directions that it’s easy to feel engaged with the writing regardless of the violence throughout the volumes.

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