WWE 2K18 Main Game modes revealed; MyCareer, Road to Glory & MyPlayer

Along with the announcements of improvements to the WWE 2K18’s Universe Mode, 2K Games has released A LOT of information about the main game play modes for the upcoming yearly wrestling update. The announcement, which you can read in full here, details 3 main modes: MyPlayer, which is where you can create and manage your custom WWE Superstar. My Career, the single player experience of life in the WWE. And the new mode: Road to Glory, which is like MyCareer but online with other people.

First up out the gate is the newest addition to the MyPlayer screen: The MyPLAYER WIZARD. The MyPLAYER WIZARD makes it super easy and quick to create a basic MyPLAYER. 2K Games set up several pillars for character creation in a way that focuses on delivering the most impact right out of the gate:

  • Basic Info;
  • Appearance;
  • Fighting Style;
  • Weight Class;
  • Height;
  • Attire;
  • Moves/Taunts;
  • Presentation (Entrance/ Victory).

From there, the moves selection screen has also been simplified with everything revolving around what attributes you pick as a fighting style.

Each Fighting Style also excels at least two attributes:

High Flyer – Agility and Speed;
Showboat – Stamina and Reversals;
Striker – Striking and Stamina;
Technician – Technique and Grappling;
Brawler – Toughness and Athleticism;
Strong Style – Grappling and Reversals;
Powerhouse – Power and Grappling;
Giant – Power and Toughness.

All attributes in MyPLAYER this year are grouped into 10 Attribute Towers: Striking, Grappling, Power, Toughness, Technique, Reversals, Athleticism, Speed, Stamina and Promo, with the latter a special attribute that is used just in MyCAREER. You can view all the sub-attributes for each Tower inside the Attributes screen found in the Upgrades section of the mode.

The more attribute points you spend on your MyPLAYERs, the higher their overall ratings will rise.

Each new MyPLAYER has a few attribute points available for upgrading their MyPLAYERs right away, but once those are used, more will need to be unlocked through progression in MyCAREER and ROAD TO GLORY.

Loot Boxes are a new addition to the way you can unlock moves and other thing for you MyPLAYER. The normal VC style remains from WWE 2K17, but it seems like you can also get loot cases as well as a reward along with VC. 2K Games has stated that unlike their debacle that was NBA 2K18, you will not be forced into buying VC in order to make your MyPLAYER into something that can actually go up against current WWE Superstars.

There are four types of rewards that can be earned from loot cases:

SUPERSTAR PARTS – This can be any type of Superstar parts, from a set of boots to a Superstar’s tops;
MOVES – These are grouped into sets, and often by move type, such as a Grapple Pack or Strikes Pack;
VC – There is a wide range of VC that can be earned from a loot case;
BOOSTS – Boosts are used in ROAD TO GLORY.

ROAD TO GLORY is a completely new online experience where MyPLAYERS from all over the world battle against each other. Players can compete daily in a variety of match types to gain stars, boosts, Superstar parts and VC. In addition, by increasing their levels, they can further customize their MyPLAYERs to gain the advantage over others. Overall, players are encouraged to see if they have what it takes to secure entry into pay-per-view events and defeat their favorite WWE Superstars to earn special rewards.

Players can battle head-to-head against other MyPLAYERS to earn stars and qualify for pay-per-view events. They simply start matchmaking by pressing FIND MATCH when they get to the ROAD TO GLORY main screen, and the game will find you a worthy opponent.

TONIGHT’S EVENT is the daily match event that cycles every 24 hours and features a different match type. You might see a ladder match one day and a steel cage match on another. TONIGHT’S EVENT also cycles through different arenas, like WWE Raw or NXT, as well as classic venues like WCW Monday Nitro. Players are encouraged to check back every day and see what is next up for TONIGHT’S EVENT.

As you battle against other players to earn XP, your MyPLAYER’s Rank and Level will go up. There are six total Ranks and 50 Levels in each:

Main Eventer;
Living Legend;
Hall of Famer.
Leveling up within a rank earns you loot cases, attribute points and additional boost slots. In addition, when you see a Hall of Famer, you know that player has put a ton of time into the game.

The difference between doing MyCareer and Road to Glory is that you can change the matches through boosts, little single use things that give you an advantage with a stats boost or something like that. You earn these things through defeating challenges that change with the event and match. Basically it sound like there is going to be a LOT of grinding to do in both the MyCareer and Road to Glory modes even if there is cross-over between the two modes.

WWE 2K18 comes out October 17, 2017 on Xbox One, Playstation 4, PC, and Nintendo Switch. WWE 2K18 Deluxe Edition and Collectors Edition players can get the game 4 days early on October 13, 2017.



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