This Week in Geek Entertainment – Remakes, Remakes Everywhere

Welcome to “This Week In Geek Entertainment” a new recap article for those looking to get caught up with the big news in entertainment. Tune in every Sunday to start your week off ready for those watercooler conversations.

Here’s the top news this week in film and television:

Disney Plans To Remake “Hocus Pocus”


Paramount to Create U.S. Adaptation of “Your Name”

Charlie’s Angels Casting Rumors Places Kristen Stewart in Running for Lead Role

‘It’ Sequel Stalks Out September 2018 Opening

“Moana” Gets Translated Into Maori For Special Free Showings


Warner Bros and DC Teen Titans Animated Film is a GO! for July 2018

Star Trek: Discovery Nearly Cracks 10 Million Viewers Sunday Night on CBS

Disney Channel Bringing Freaky Friday Musical to TV in 2018

“Men in Black Spinoff” Set for Summer 2018

“The Nice Guys” Gets a Gender-Swapped TV Reboot

“Sense8” Finale Movie Begins Production


Terry Gilliam’s Don Quixote Film Finally Gets a Release Date

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