Disney Channel Bringing Freaky Friday Musical to TV in 2018

Not only is Disney Channel busting out a remake of Hocus Pocus, they’ve announced that Freaky Friday is getting one too. Here’s the kicker, though – it’s going to be a musical!

Just a day after announcing the Hocus Pocus remake, the news of Freaky Friday’s musical reboot came down the pike with an intended 2018 release. 

Freaky Friday Stars

Heidi Blickenstaff and Cozi Zuehlsdorff play Katherine and Ellie, the mother/daughter duo who switch bodies after a freak accident in Disney Channel’s Freaky Friday Musical

Heading the roles of Katherine and Ellie will be Broadway actress Heidi Blickenstaff – reprising her role from the musical’s debut in Arlington, VA in 2016 – and Dolphin Tale’s Cozi Zuehlsdorff. Freaky Friday follows the story of a mother and her teenage daughter who magically swap bodies in a freak storm and begin a journey of self-discovery and empathy that neither could have ever imagined.

Joining Blickenstaff and Zuehlsdorff are Ricky He as Adam, Ellie’s friend, Alex Désert as Katherine’s fiancé, Mike, Jason Maybaum as Fletcher, Ellie’s little brother and Kahyun Kim as Torrey, Katherine’s business associate. 

Disney Channels Worldwide CCO and President, Gary Marsh had the following to say when the remake was announced:

A classic story like Freaky Friday has a magical capacity to engage multiple generations – whether it’s in the form of a book, a theatrical film, a stage show – or all of the above! Working with our partners at Disney Live Theatrical, we’re thrilled to bring this classic story to life in a whole new form – a music-driven movie for television – that will be enjoyed by tens of millions of kids and families around the world.

The adaptation of Mary Rodgers’ Freaky Friday debuted on screens in 1976 with Barbara Harris and Jodie Foster playing the mother/daughter duo. In 2003, Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan took the roles for a feature film adaptation.

Here’s a look at Heidi Blickenstaff singing After All of This and Everything from 2016’s stageshow:

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