‘It’ Sequel Stalks Out September 2018 Opening

The sequel to the wildly successful remake of It is set to hit the silver screen on September 9, 2018, which is the same post-Labor Day frame that the first chapter premiered in, as reported by Deadline on Monday.


‘It’ blasted the record books during the month of September.

The new movie will focus on the second half of Stephen King’s novel, which contains a 27-year time skip which brings the disbanded Loser’s Club back together after a devastating phone call.

Deadline also reports that this release date puts the sequel in a “game of chicken” with Blumhouse’s untitled horror film, which reserved its September 9th release date last week.

As reported earlier this month, It became what is considered to be an “unprecedented success” in the horror scene, gaining a domestic Friday opening gate of $51 million, the most of any movie in the genre as well as for the month of September. It has further moved on to bust several records including, the biggest opening for an R-rated movie, best preview night for a horror film ($13.5M,) best IMAX opening, largest opening for a book-based film, and best opening for a New Line release.

Internationally, It is approaching $500 million, and domestically, the movie has surpassed The Exorcist with a $266M box office.

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