NES Classic is Coming Back In 2018! SNES Classic Production Increased!

NES Classic is Coming Back In 2018! SNES Classic Production Increased!

Good news for those who didn’t have the luck the first time around. Nintendo has announced and updated their page that NES Classic will be returning in 2018 of the Summer. Nintendo has acknowledged that due to great sales and booming popularity of the system after its initial release, Nintendo will be bringing back to allow a second chance for customers to grab one. This comes after Reggie’s statement of telling customers not to pay beyond the MSRP for the SNES Classic. Auction sites like Ebay has the NES Classic at ridiculous prices that prey on the unfortunate. This shows that Nintendo has been paying attention to the general public and is aware of the state of customers who want both classic systems. Yes, Nintendo is listening to the public feedback.

SNES Classic Edition

With this they also announced that they will be ramping up production of the SNES Classic to meet with the demand for the system, though some are wondering how many units this means for the public. Pray that we will not have a repeat situation of the initial NES Classic release.

The SNES Classic will be released on September 29. While the NES Classic will return in the Summer of 2018. If you want one of these systems,the only tips I can give is call in sick, camp out, or be on you toes online. Prepare yourselves, the Classics are coming again…


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