Fire Emblem Warriors has been up and down in terms of hype ever since its reveal. It started out red hot, then took a dive when the team revealed that “only” three games in the franchise would be represented here in the game. It took a deeper turn when roster spots got filled up more by one game than the other two. And now, it’s back up with the reveal of Lyn in the game.

And now, it’s only days away from its release in Japan, and so, the magazine Famitsu has released its scores of the game. If you recall, Famitsu shows four peoples scores, which makes Fire Emblem Warriors score all the more impressive, as it was given 4 9’s. Now, it wasn’t clear if the reviewers played both the Switch and 3DS versions of the game or just one (more than likely the Switch), but in either case, it bodes well for the game.

The title seeks to be more than its predecessor Hyrule Warriors was, and is even making that possible via a History Mode that’ll actually let you replay the story modes (albeit shorter versions) of classic Fire Emblem games. And rumors state that the roster will be revealed more during the Tokyo Game Show, which is going on right now.

Fire Emblem Warriors will release in the US on October 20th.

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