Nintendo Announces The Metroid-Themed New 3DS XL

To coincide with the release Metroid: Samus Returns, Nintendo has announced a new 3DS XL to go along with it. Introducing the Samus Edition” New Nintendo 3DS XL and it looks very slick.

Nintendo states that you’ll be able to pick up the new 3DS XL on September 15, at “select retailers”. That is if it isn’t sold out. At this time, I didn’t where you could pre-order this, though I’d imagine you’ll be able to, eventually. 

Just like most of the special edition 3DS XL’s, you’ll have to purchase a separate power adapter. I still have no idea why Nintendo doesn’t include it the system.


I swear Nintendo, every time I buy a new 3DS, you come out with another one. Now, I’m going to have to sell a kidney to pick up this one. Anyone need a kidney, I’m selling it cheap!