You may be familiar with the development studio, Housemarque through popular arcade shooter games like Nex Machina which was released earlier this year for PC and PlayStation 4 systems. In Matterfall; however, exclusively on PS4, players have to suit up in order to fight for control of the strange “smart matter” and the rise of matter-infected enemies that are trying to take over the world.

Haven’t seen the trailer yet? Check it out below:

Housemarque, the developers behind Matterfall as seen at last month’s E3, invite players to get acquainted with the game and it’s mechanics thanks to a brand new video featuring eight minutes of fresh gameplay. Take a look at the level play through footage below:

The twin-stick side-scroller, Matterfall, will be coming to the PlayStation 4 on August 15th and is available for pre-order today!

If you’re itching to play other games by the buzzing development team over at Housemarque, go ahead and pick up Nex Machina, Resogun* or Alienation* in the PlayStation Store, or check them out on PlayStation Now where they are featured along with hundreds of other great PS3 and PS4 games.

*Resogun and Alienation are both available on PlayStation Now

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