Bullet Soul Infinite Burst Is Coming To Steam

A few months ago, 5PB and Mages Inc, brought over the popular top-down shooter, Bullet Soul, to the PC. Being a fan of SHMUPs, I had to check it out and I loved it. You can read that review here. However, something was missing. You see, Bullet Soul has been out for quite some time and there was an update out for the game. That update is called Bullet Soul Infinite Soul and I very much wanted to check it out. I even noted that in my review – I really want to check out that version. 

Well, it seems that 5PB and Mages Inc, really want us to play it as well. As such, they’ve announced that Bullet Soul Infinite Burst will be released on the PC as of July 31st, 2017. So what can you expect with Bullet Soul Infinite Burst? For starters, they’ve overhauled the caravan mode with new enemies and attack patterns, added a new coin-collecting mechanics and made Loop – the hidden character, playable across all modes. And if that wasn’t enough, they tossed in some remixed tunes by some fellow named Jake ‘Virt’ Kaufman. Maybe you’ve heard of him?

Bullet Soul Infinite Burst will be available on Steam on July 31st, 2017, and will be priced at $14.99.  Take an extra 20% off pick up the game during the launch window, and an additional 30% if you already own Bullet Soul. That’s a total of %50, meaning you could get the updated version for just $7.50!

I already mentioned I enjoyed Bullet Soul and the game has a huge following. If you enjoy SHMUPs and missed out on this the first time around, maybe you don’t miss out this time?

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