Sony Says It Doesn’t Allow Cross-Platform Play To Protect Users

Major games like Rocket League and Minecraft are cross-platform for Nintendo, PC, and Xbox players. This means players of those devices can interact and play with one another, but Sony is conspicuously missing from the group. 

In an interview with Eurogamer, PlayStation global sales and marketing head Jim Ryan said that the company feels obligated to protect users within the Playstation Network from exterior influences. Ryan said, “Exposing what in many cases are children to external influences we have no ability to manage or look after, it’s something we have to think about very carefully.”

Wesley Yin-Poole, the interviewer, followed up by asserting that even Nintendo was willing to go along with cross-platform play. Ryan countered by saying everyone is entitled to their own choices, and didn’t rule out the possibility that Sony’s stance may change. 

What do you think? Is Ryan just blowing smoke, or is that a legitimate fear for Sony to have? Let us know in the comments. In the meantime, check out some of the other big stories coming from E3. Nintendo announced Metroid Prime 4, Sony doubled down on PS VR, and Microsoft unveiled the Xbox One X.


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