UPDATE!!!!: During a group interview (attended by IGN among others), Nintendo’s Bill Trinen revealed that the makers of the original Metroid Prime games Retro Studios will NOT be making Metroid Prime 4. However, a “talented new development team” is making it. Furthermore, producer Kensuke Tanabe, who has been on the series for some time, will be overseeing the project. So while this will be disheartening for some, it does raise some intrigue. Not the least of which is…what is Retro working on?

Metroid Prime 4 confirmed, what more do you need to know? …oh, you want to know more? Ok. Well, after YEARS of begging, and pleading, and praying, Nintendo has confirmed that Metroid is returning, and that it’s coming to Nintendo Switch. What’s more, it is indeed continuing the Metroid Prime saga.

Now, though it’s unconfirmed that Retro Studios (who made the original Metroid Prime games) is working on this, it’s very likely given their history with the series. Many consider the Metroid Prime games as some of the greatest Nintendo games ever made, and bringing the legendary Samus Aran to whole new levels.

Ever since Metroid: Other M though, Samus has been absent from Nintendo systems. And then there was “Metroid Prime” Federation Force…which we don’t like to speak of.

But truly, seeing Metroid Prime 4 is bringing joying joy to many Nintendo fans, and though no release date was given, it will be coming, and that’s all we can ask for.

Welcome back Samus. We missed you.

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