E3 2017 – Xbox One X technical Specs Revealed

As revealed at the Xbox Press Conference, the Xbox One X (Formerly Project Scorpio) is one very impressive piece of hardware. It squeezes a LOT of graphical power out of one itty bitty unit. Well now for those of you who drool over numbers about terra-flops and gigabytes now have the official Xbox One X Technical Specifications sheet to look at below.

Xbox One X

Now what does all this stuff mean? Well loosely translated, it means shinier graphics and faster load times. The surprising thing to come out of this is that during the Press Conference, Phil Spencer said that the Xbox One X was “the smallest Xbox system ever”… Well looking at this sheet, it’s around the same size as the Xbox One S if not slightly bigger. Plus the whole unit weighs 2lbs more than the Xbox One S too. But hey, you got to put all that liquid cooling and fans and other things somewhere right?

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