Tekken 7 Game Features Trailer, Game Guides & More

With TEKKEN 7 just around the corner, BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment has done another information drop in a series of videos released over the past couple of days on their Youtube channels as well as across all social media.

The first information dump is a trilogy of TEKKEN 7 Game Guide videos detailing the basics of the game such as movement, Power Cursh & Rage Art mechanics. You can take a look at all three videos below:

Today, BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment released an overall Features trailer for TEKKEN 7, which details everything from the main story mode “The Mishima Saga” along with the individual stories complete with move and combo assist modes, customization costumes for all characters and the two modes used to gain the in game gold to get the items: Treasure mode and arcade mode. Also shown are the online game modes like standard online and tournament mode, which entails players wagering an entry fee for a huge payoff based on placement in the tournament. Special match, which is a higher difficulty mode that places you in near impossible situations to challenge even the most seasoned TEKKEN player; and finally the gallery which features all the CGI movies from every TEKKEN game including the Japan only Pachinko machine game! You can view all this below:

Finally, in partnership with streaming platform Twitch, BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment has announced the formation of the TEKKEN World Tour eSport event. In regards to the event BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe Vice President of Marketing, Hervé Hoerdt said:

TEKKEN 7 is one of the most recognized fighting brands in the videogame industry. Twitch represents the community hub for videogame contents. The synergy between an incredible franchise and the home of the fighting game community offers infinite possibilities. One of these is the TEKKEN World Tour. The aim is to offer a thrilling experience of TEKKEN 7 to all fans around world. Thanks to Twitch now they can be part of it. This is just the beginning and we are confident that this will be an exciting journey”

Richard Thiher, Program Manager, Twitch had the following to say about the partnership with BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment:

“The Fighting Game Community on Twitch is among our platform’s most vibrant groups of players and fans, with the TEKKEN World Tour created to celebrate their enthusiasm. It’s also notable because Fighting Games represent the roots of esports. The genre has grown from local tournaments in arcades and living rooms to global attractions filling convention centers and stadiums, with TEKKEN being a major franchise and influence during this evolution. Twitch’s partnership with BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe for this new tournament series will help keep Fighting Games at the forefront of esports, while building toward a sustainable ecosystem for all of the players, fans, and organizers involved.”

The Official calendar for the TEKKEN World Tour includes: 

  • Tattakai Holland – Netherlands
  • GCC Major – Qatar
  • Moscow Fight Area – Russia
  • VSFighting UK (Birmingham)
  • Dreamolition Derby – Germany (Munich)
  • Celtic Throwdown – Ireland
  • Street Grand Battle – France
  • Milan Games Week – Italy
  • Colosseum – Italy
  • Barcelona Games World – Spain
  • Warsaw Games Week – Polan
  • Paris Games Week
  • Ozhadou Nationals 15 – Australia
  • Let’s Play Live Tekken Championship – New Zealand


  • July 3rd – July 4th – Online all Platforms
  • September 11th – September 12th – Online all Platforms

All tournaments will be broadcast exclusively on Twitch.tv/Tekken. For more information on TEKKEN World Tour, visit the official website at http://tekkenworldtour.com.

In other news updates, TEKKEN 7 Press Kits have begun to arrive to gaming sites in Australia, hopefully the one earmarked for The Outerhaven will arrive soon. For those interested, the TEKKEN 7 Press Kit includes a nice packaging featuring Kazuya Mishima, an information guide, a copy of issue one of the new TEKKEN comic book (complete with special media only cover) and of course, a copy of TEKKEN 7 itself.

In TEKKEN 7, all fights are personal! Prepare to enter the ring as TEKKEN 7 will be available for the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system, Xbox One, and STEAM® for PC on June 2nd 2017. To find out more about TEKKEN 7, please head over to the official website Tekken.com. Stay tuned to The Outerhaven post-release for a full review and a lot of videos detailing everything TEKKEN 7 has to offer.

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