Samurai Jack Season 05 Episode 09

Samurai Jack Season 05 Episode 09 Review

See, THAT’S how you do an ending! After what was the worst episode of the season (in my opinion) Samurai Jack Season 05 Episode 09 bounced back in a big way by delving deep into what will make this a memorable finale.

Now, that’s not to say it was all worthwhile, as sadly the opening few minutes of the show literally picked up where last episode left off. As Ashi and Jack had to deal with what the kiss may or may not have meant. I’m glad there was a lot off on-the-nose humor about this kiss, including them spitting right after it. As well as his “older self” reappearing to warn him of what he might be doing. But, it was still kind of sad that it happened this way.

Thankfully, it turned almost on a dime, and it started with a beautiful story about Jack and his home. I find these moments of reflection for Jack a great thing, as they help show us who he is, and the line about all he has to remember are memories is very poetic, and true.

This led to Jack leaving Ashi and continuing on his journey, which led him to an all-too-familiar place, the home of the Guardian. If you don’t recall, this character was an opponent that Jack fought to try and get through a time portal. He lost the fight, but it was stated that he was the warrior who would beat Guardian and get the portal to go home. Turns out, that may (may!!!!) not be the case, as Guardians glasses were found broken on his now destroyed home, and the portal was nowhere in sight.

Samurai Jack Season 05 Episode 09

I did like how Jack confessed that he left Ashi because he didn’t want her to be another memory, but they honestly could’ve done it without last episode…which…brings me to…

Scaramouche, thank goodness he’s finally dead. Ok, I get it, he was the messenger to let Aku know about Jack’s sword, but man was he annoying! And though it’s funny to see Aku dance, it didn’t really add anything. 

Unlike the reveal about Ashi, and he she really was the daughter of Aku. It wasn’t clear whether that was just a title or a real thing, but now that it’s confirmed, everything is now upside down. Not the least of which is because Aku’s…uh…genes? Spirit? Whatever, whatever is inside her prevents Jack from harming him. And it got even worse when she LITERALLY became an embodiment of Aku. 

Yet, Ashi was still in there, and because of that, Jack couldn’t kill her. And now Aku has Jack’s sword, and Jack, and now there’s only one episode left.

Samurai Jack Season 05 Episode 09 started slow, but it ended big, and I’m hopeful that this ending for this beloved series will be as grand as we want it to be.

Samurai Jack Season 05 Episode 09 Review


While the Ashi/Jack relationship is still cringeworthy, Samurai Jack Season 05 Episode 09 ended with a bang with big twists, and big setups for the finale.

  • This was the leadup to the end with deserved, even if it didn't start out good.