Sam Witwer, whose voice and likeness is used for the protagonist in Days Gone, confirmed in a recent Twitch stream that the game will be at E3 “in a big way”. He does not provide any other information about the game’s presence at this year’s conference.

This news is not surprising. It would be more strange if we didn’t hear anything about Sony’s new IP this June. However, Witwer’s comments suggest that we can expect more substantial information about Days Gone. Perhaps a release date? 

Days Gone was announced at last year’s conference as Sony Bend’s newest game, where a story trailer and lengthy gameplay demo were shown. The game takes place in an apocalyptic zombie-filled world. Sam Witwer’s character is featured riding motorcycles in the story trailer, and suggests that motorcycle gangs are a prominent theme. 


We haven’t heard much about Days Gone since last year’s E3. The gameplay looks promising, but Sony will have to take care in setting the game apart from their other apocalyptic series, The Last of Us. The Last of Us 2 was confirmed at last year’s PSX, and while it is far from release, featuring two apocalyptic titles with zombie-like creatures at E3 this year might be confusing. Sony Bend will have to showcase what makes Days Gone unique to set it apart from Naughty Dog’s acclaimed series. 

Days Gone was also featured in our Sony E3 rumors and speculation article. You can watch Sony’s E3 press conference on June 12 at 6pm PT.