Wondercon 2017: Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Panel Wrap up

This weekend at Wondercon, Capcom held a special Street Fighter 30th Anniversary panel to the attendees. The first thing that was shown was a bunch of merchandise that is either out now or coming out between now and Spring 2017 including T-Shirts, caps, hoodies, skateboards, collectible figures and statues, to desk lights all featuring characters like Ken, Ryu, Chun-Li, Akuma and more. (Hopefully The Outerhaven will be able to review some of these products for you in the near future.) You can check out all the announced merchandise in the galley below.

The panel moved into the realm of video games. With Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers coming out May 26, 2017 on Nintendo Switch; the panel went into a little bit more depth about the game’s mysterious First Person Mode, showing 6 screens detailing everything from the menu, to how a fight would look, to how to use the JoyCons to how your character will level up through the mode.

Things then moved onto surprise announcements for Street Fighter V. In true April Fool’s tradition, Capcom revealed their new look for three characters as seen below.

After everyone had a good laugh, Capcom moved onto the real reveal of the costumes for a trio of popular characters in Street Fighter V.

As seen above, the trio was revealed to be Juri, Ryu & Chun-Li is High School costumes. Both Ryu & Juri reflecting a Japanese “delinquent” or gang member outfit and Chun-Li in a more Chinese style High School dress uniform. Chances are that all three will be available for purchase as a group or as singles for some insanely high price.

The second reveal was that M.Bison’s classic Thailand stage is going to return with a modern 3D look. This’ll be the second time the stage has been updated, the first time being the Super Street Fighter II HD Remix that was released on Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and soon on Nintendo Switch under the Ultra Street Fighter II HD title. You can see the original Street Fighter II version above and the revealed via fan photo version of the update below along with the arrival of M.Bison to the stage. The stage will also feature a remixed version of the stage’s theme, but no one was able to record it as it was played as the panel ended.

All the content shown is to be available for Street Fighter V on PC and PS4 at the end of April 2017. Pricing to be announced closer to the date. Hopefully since this is the 30th anniversary of Street Fighter, we could get more retro based content over the course of the year. The Outerhaven will bring you more updates about this content as information becomes officially available from Capcom.

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