Sony Slaps A 1TB Drive Into The PlayStation 4 Slim

Picture: Sony PlayStation 4 Slim
Picture Sony PlayStation 4 Slim

When Sony released the slimmed down PlayStation 4, it only shipped with a 500GB drive. Obviously, 500GB simply isn’t enough when you factor in the sizes of the games and movies we download. To that respect, fans have been asking Sony to incorporate a larger driver into the PlayStation 4 Slim. To which Sony is finally doing by upping the hard drive to 1TB.

This new PS4 Slim will be available for $299.99 and the system will be available later this month. In addition, Sony has stated that this won’t be a special promotion and that 1TB will be the size of all PlayStation 4 Slim units going forward, for North America at least. They will continue to sell the 500GB PS4 Slim in other markets.

Of course, you don’t need to pick up this new PS4 Slim to get access to a 1TB drive. It’s quite easy to replace the existing hard drive in PlayStation 4 units now. Anyone can do this upgrade right now and can allocate up to 2TB of space as well. On top of that, the recent 4.50 system software update added the ability to use USB external drives up to 8TB in size.